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Completely locked-in man uses brain-computer interface to communicate

The study, published in Nature Communications, paves the way for new technologies for people with severe paralysis.

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Revealing 3D anatomy with lightsheet microscopy

Microscopy is experiencing a revolution. Developers around the world are pushing microscope technology to the extremes.

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Creating transparent brains

New laboratory techniques are helping us understand disease mechanisms in the brain, but what are these techniques and how do they work?

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Image of the month: innovative computational solutions for real-world biological data

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Fluorescent image of a thick human brain sample acquired using pAPRica. Credit: Wyss Center / Lamy lab - Human Brain Mapping project / TU Dresden / MPI-CBG / CSBD

Expansion microscopy: A technique to visualize the intricacies of the brain

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brain computer interface implant x-ray
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ABILITY enters preclinical trial

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The ABILITY device and an X-ray view of the device when implanted.

Where I work: Seeing the invisible

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microscope image of brain in Alice Slider After
microscope image of brain in Alice Slider Before

ALICe: State-of-the-art advanced lightsheet imaging center

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Whole central nervous system lightsheet imaging of motor circuit and 3D surface rendering (Asboth et al. 2018). Courtine Lab, EPFL

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February 2023

Gene therapy to boost spinal cord injury rehab, blood vessels in the human brain and nanobodies as future medicine.

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December 2022

Festive neurons, solving brain disorders with the new STAR project & surgical vision with micro-precision.

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November 2022

Expanding our understanding of the brain, sharing the latest neural signals from ABILITY and an invitation to a BCI symposium.

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October 2022

First neural signals recorded by ABILITY and discover a second brain - in the gut!

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