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Epios™: Long-term brain monitoring technology

Brain signal recording with our subscalp Epios™ sensing electrodes (leads) has been carried out for the first time in patients at the University Hospital Bern, Inselspital.

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Analyzing Epios brain monitoring data

Ellen van Maren from e-Lab Bern is working with the Wyss Center on the Epios long-term brain monitoring clinical trial at University Hospital Bern, Inselspital. Preliminary results indicate that Epios electrodes can be used to detect and characterize epileptic seizures.

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Revealing 3D anatomy with lightsheet microscopy

ALICe, the Advanced Lightsheet Imaging Center, integrates a series of innovative fluorescence microscopy tools in a single pipeline to image whole organs with custom-built microscopes.

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Artificial intelligence for neural signal decoding

Meet Janir Ramos da Cruz, PhD, a Data Scientist at the Wyss Center, working on AI algorithms to extract information from large neural datasets. Video in partnership with the ySSN.

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Tailoring technologies to improve stroke recovery

Introducing Claudia and Elena, two post-grad neuroscientists from the Hummel Lab at EPFL working in collaboration with the Wyss Center to improve stroke rehabilitation with a new personalized approach.

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microscope image of brain in Alice Slider After
microscope image of brain in Alice Slider Before

ALICe: State-of-the-art advanced lightsheet imaging center

Lightsheet microscopes can reveal the 3D anatomy of entire small organs. They image brain tissue down to individual neurons and offer unprecedented maps of nervous system structure and function.

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Whole central nervous system lightsheet imaging of motor circuit and 3D surface rendering (Asboth et al. 2018). Courtine Lab, EPFL


The Active Brain Implant Live Information Transfer sYstem (ABILITY) is an implantable brain-computer interface to restore movement and communication. Intended for long-term implantation, the medical device is designed to be flexibly connected to a variety of electrode technologies, including microelectrode arrays and ECoG grids.

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The ABILITY implant prototype

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December 2021

Season's Greetings from the Wyss Center

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November 2021

Clinical trial for Epios electrodes and Dr Kohman joins the Wyss Center as Chief Scientific Officer

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October 2021

Epios Silver Winner of MassChallenge Switzerland, new collaboration to improve brain tumor treatment and progress in stroke rehab this World Stroke Day

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September 2021

CE mark for Epios Cloud and supporting careers in neuroscience: Entreprenership.

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