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Our approach advances understanding of the brain to realize therapies and improve lives

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Our capabilities span all facets of the translation process

Wyss Center team with ABILITY implant

Our advances address some of the biggest challenges in neuroscience

Epios™: Long-term brain monitoring technology

Brain signal recording with the Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering’s subscalp Epios™ sensing electrodes (leads) has been carried out for the first time in patients at the University Hospital Bern, Inselspital.

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Artificial intelligence for neural signal decoding

Meet Janir Ramos da Cruz, PhD, a Data Scientist at the Wyss Center, working on AI algorithms to extract information from large neural datasets. Video in partnership with the Young Swiss Society for Neuroscience.

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World Stroke Day 2021: Tailoring technologies to improve stroke recovery

Introducing Claudia and Elena, two post-grad neuroscientists from the Hummel Lab at EPFL working in collaboration with the Wyss Center to improve stroke rehabilitation with a new personalized approach.

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