Matthew Lapinski, MSE

Mechanical Engineering Manager
Matthew Lapinski
Matt has over ten years of experience in design, development and manufacturing of implantable medical devices for various anatomies and conditions and regulatory pathways.

Matt Lapinski joined the Wyss Center in June 2021 as a Mechanical Engineer where he develops mechanical design and manufacturing solutions for a variety of Wyss Center projects. 

Matt was previously working for start-ups in Greater Boston (USA), most recently for Alcyone Therapeutics where he drove the design of an FDA designated Breakthrough Device class III implantable intrathecal port and catheter system for direct CNS communication and Allurion Technologies where he led the design and initial manufacturing of a novel, non-endoscopic, class III implantable polymeric balloon for weight loss from preclinical through multiple commercial generations.

Matt received his master’s degree in mechanical engineering with a concentration in mechanics from the University of Massachusetts Lowell (USA) in 2017.

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