Abed Hammoud, Dr.

Collaborator, Alant Health Sarl

Dr. Abed Hammoud is a senior executive in the medical device sector having over 29 years of experience in various roles ranging from leading technical development to chief executive officer at companies ranging from early stage start up to established multinationals. He is a recognized leader in stereotactic neurosurgery, who led engineering efforts to develop the frameless surgical navigation system FrameLink/StealthStationTM, which Medtronic acquired. He is also the chief executive officer in charge of the creation and international expansion of the NeuroMate® robot, which Renishaw acquired, and recently serving as the senior vice president of sales and marking at DIXI Medical. Dr. Hammoud held several board memberships in innovative companies, currently the chair of the board of Cascador Health, a healthcare data company.

Dr. Hammoud holds a Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) in Electrical/Biomedical engineering from Washington University in St. Louis (WASHU), USA, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Lausanne, Switzerland.

 Dr. Hammoud is currently the managing director of Alant Health and uses his knowledge and expertise to guide various companies and projects.

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