Epios™ Silver Winner of MassChallenge Switzerland 2021 accelerator


Neuro-sensing technology wins Silver prize following innovation and entrepreneurship accelerator 

Geneva, Switzerland – The Wyss Center’s spin-off company, Epios, has been awarded the Silver prize in the MassChallenge Switzerland 2021 accelerator program. Epios, a clinical-stage company providing personalized and precision management of neurological disorders using long-term brain monitoring, was one of twelve finalists chosen from over 1,000 startups that applied to the accelerator.  Over the course of the 4-month program, the Mass Challenge accelerator provides the start-ups with mentorship and entrepreneurial support.

Eric Chanie, MBA, Wyss Center Entrepreneur in Residence and Co-Founder of Epios said: “It has been an honor to be part of the MassChallenge network; the Epios team and I are genuinely thrilled to receive this prize and want to say a huge thank you to the MassChallenge team, its partners and mentors for their support and unvaluable insights over this 4-month journey. This award acknowledges how important long-term brain monitoring technology will be in allowing patients and neurologists alike to understand what is going on in the brain during everyday life.”   

The company’s first product is a minimally invasive device for long-term brain monitoring. Sensing electrodes, inserted with a simple surgical procedure, record brain activity from beneath the skin. Data can be collected from large areas of the brain or small focus areas depending on clinical needs. Continuous electroencephalographic recording helps characterize the type and number of seizures, informs pre-surgical planning and allows personalized treatment plans. The Epios device is initially targeted at people with epilepsy but also has potential for use in sleep disorders as well as neuromodulation of brain circuits for mental health applications.

“This terrific achievement for the Epios team is a great example of how we create impact at the Wyss Center. We support game changing technologies that reimagine the status-quo and bring them to the patient across Switzerland and beyond.” said Wyss Center’s CEO Mary Tolikas, PhD, MBA. 

MassChallenge is the global network for innovators. Headquartered in the United States with seven locations worldwide, MassChallenge equips bold entrepreneurs to create meaningful change. Since launching in 2009, more than 2,928 MassChallenge alumni have raised more than $8.6B in funding, generated more than $3.6 B in revenue, and created more than 186,000 total jobs.

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