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Our advances address some of the biggest challenges in neuroscience

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Our capabilities span all facets of the translation process

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Our approach advances understanding of the brain to realize therapies and improve lives

Expanding our understanding of the brain

Expansion microscopy increases the size of brain samples, allowing intricacies to be visualized, revealing disease mechanisms and accelerating development of therapies for neurological and psychiatric disorders.

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Completely locked-in man uses brain-computer interface to communicate

The system, developed for people with complete locked-in syndrome, allows communication over periods of months to years, in the home environment. It paves the way for new technologies for people with severe paralysis.

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Revealing 3D anatomy with lightsheet microscopy

Developers around the world are pushing microscope technology to the extremes. Lightsheet microscopes image brain tissue down to individual neurons and offer unprecedented maps of nervous system structure and function.

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