Neuroengineering summer school kicks off in Zermatt

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Wyss Center program promotes collaboration between the next generation of neuroscientists and engineers,

The Wyss Program in Translational Neuroscience and Neuroengineering got underway on August 20th in the iconic Swiss mountain village of Zermatt. The aim of the program is to train the next generation of scientists in translational research and promote the exchange of ideas between engineering and basic neuroscience.  

Topics range from ‘how to read the brain’ and ‘understanding neural circuits for perception and action’ to ‘interfacing the brain in clinical applications’ and ‘an introduction to next generation neural interfaces’.

The week-long course raises awareness among tomorrow’s scientists about the challenges and the tremendous opportunities now emerging in the field of translational research in neuroscience and neuroengineering.

Professor John Donoghue, Director of the Wyss Center, said: “One of our goals at the Wyss Center is to support and encourage the next generation of scientists in translational neuroengineering. This program not only provides training but also enables early neuroengineers to put their newfound knowledge of experimental and analytical methods to good use in collaborative projects with the partner universities.”

Members of the Wyss Center team joined academics from the partner universities to deliver lectures and workshops at the summer school. Chief Technology Officer, Claude Clément, gave a presentation on technology transfer and intellectual property around clinical applications while Wyss Center neuroscientist Dr. Jonas Zimmermann ran a workshop on signal processing and data analysis. Professor Donoghue is set to deliver the closing lecture on Saturday morning.

The program, which will run annually, is structured into two main parts. Part one is the summer school program, hosted alternatively by ETH (Lausanne or Zurich) or by Brown University. The second part of the program offers lab immersions for participants at one of the host universities to carry out a collaborative neuroengineering project.

The Wyss program steering committee is composed of: Dr. Elvira Pirondini, Dr. Marco Capogrosso, Dr Fabien Wagner, Prof. David Borton, Dr. Tracy Laabs, Prof. Silvestro Micera, Prof. John Davenport, Prof. John Donoghue.

For more information, please contact elvira.pirondini@epfl.chdaborton@brown.edu, or john_davenport@brown.edu

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