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Our capabilities drive the development of technologies and devices that can access and directly interface with the human brain. The aim is to either record brain signals for improved communication or movement control through intelligent prostheses and/or modulate the brain’s activity via electrical, optical or biological means for therapy.

Our development efforts depend on close collaborations with clinical and academic leaders in the field of neuroscience and neurosurgery and take place within the strict ethical and regulatory frameworks in Switzerland, the EU and the US. 


Clémence Hurni, PhD, Staff Scientist in 3D Transcriptomics

"As a biotechnologist, I love working in an interdisciplinary team. Here at the Wyss Center, there is the additional motivation of everyone working together towards a common goal of developing new therapies or diagnostics to improve lives."


Jules Scholler, PhD, Software Engineer in Bioimaging

"It is great to work in a pluridisciplinary environment where I can bridge the gap between imaging technologies, computer science and biology, with the ultimate goal of clinical translation."


Laura de Vevey, MSc, Science Communication Specialist

“I believe in making science accessible for everyone, building a bridge between neuroscience research and the public to encourage participation and avoid misinformation.”