Yun-Jae Won, PhD

Collaborator, Korea Electronics Technology Institute
Profilephoto Yun Jae

Yun-Jae is a system engineer with over twenty years of experience in the development of communication systems such as binary CDMA, magnetic field area networks, wireless power transfer systems, and biomedical devices such as electrochemical biosensors, wearable soft robot based on muscle control. Having an interdisciplinary background in industrial system engineering, autonomous system engineering, and biomedical engineering, Yun-Jae plays roles in designing and applying real-time control circuits, firmware, actuators, and sensors for soft robots.

Yun-Jae aims to develop a cloth-like soft robot connected to a neural interface to help spinal cord injury or stroke patients recover motor functions using embedded real-time sensing and actuation technologies. Yun-Jae has experience in developing real-time closed-loop control algorithms for soft robots including wearable sensors such as soft sensors and IMU sensors, soft actuators such as electrostatic clutch and SMA, and muscle stimulators combined with electromyography (EMG).

Yun-Jae obtained his master's degree at Korea University in unmanned vehicle development based on visual recognition and completed his Ph.D’s course at Yonsei University in the major of biomedical engineering.

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