Timothée Proix, PhD

Collaborator, UNIGE
T Proix 20181015 0005

Timothée Proix completed his Ph.D. in computational neuroscience at Aix-Marseille University, France, in 2015, where he developed models of whole-brain networks for the study of seizure propagation. He then conducted postdoctoral research at Brown University, focusing on intracranial neurophysiology in humans. Currently, he leads a junior research group at the University of Geneva and holds an Ambizione research grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation.

His primary research objective is to investigate the neuronal mechanisms underlying brain function in humans, with a particular emphasis on the dynamic organization of brain activity in behavior and disease. His work involves both theoretical and experimental approaches, leveraging the high spatio-temporal resolutions offered by intracranial human recordings. His current research is focused on understanding how the human brain represents speech at the single-neuron and local field potential level.

More info at ndlab.ch

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