Nicolas Gninenko, PhD

Collaborator, EPFL
Nicolas Gninenko 01

Nicolas Gninenko completed an MSc degree in bioengineering in October 2016 at EPFL with a specialization in biomechanical engineering and neuroprosthetics. After a short break involving research and entrepreneurial experience engaging in two startup projects at EPFL (one of which won the CTI business concept award in fall 2016), Nicolas started his PhD in April 2017 at the Medical Image Processing Laboratory at EPFL. His main research focus is oriented on real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging (rt-fMRI) neurofeedback, and in particular on its application to chronic tinnitus and on the underlying brain mechanisms involved in the volitional regulation of brain activity.

Nicolas is the main investigator of the MRI arm of the Neurotin clinical study supported by the Wyss Center.

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