Claudia Bigoni, MSc

Collaborator, EPFL
Claudia Bigoni 01

Claudia is a Neuroscience PhD student in Prof. Hummel lab at EPFL working with neurotechnologies. She holds a Bioengineering Masters degree with a specialization in Neuroprosthetics from EPFL and a bachelor degree in Biomedical engineering from Politecnico di Milano.

Previously, she has worked at Siemens Healthineers helping in the development of standardized pipelines for lesion detection from MRI scans. During her Masters, she collaborated with Intento SA, a spin-off of EPFL defining and starting an experiment to study the effects of their functional electrical stimulation at the brain level. She completed her Masters thesis in Prof. Courtine’s lab where she investigated the effects of spinal cord stimulation on the central nervous system using a computational model of monkeys’ spinal cord.

Her goal is to apply her scientific and engineering skills in the healthcare setting, aiming to help in the rehabilitation and the assistance of people who have lost abilities due to accidents and diseases.

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Person tests stroke rehabilitation with EEG cap robot glove and electrodes


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