Event: Wyss Center Brain Health Symposium

Innovate. Accelerate. Transform Lives.
Campus Biotech Geneva, 09.10.2023





More than 220 people gathered at Campus Biotech in Geneva on October 9 to attend the Wyss Center Brain Health Symposium. The aim was to offer a platform for researchers, academics, and start-ups to present innovation in transformational technologies for brain-related diseases.

The event consisted of three sessions, each led by a keynote speaker. The first session covered innovation in AI wearables, NeuroGI, non-invasive deep brain stimulation, and focused ultrasound technology. The second session opened up with an intervention by James Gorman from the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, at Harvard University, who presented the achievements realized in the treatment of brain disease by precise brain targeting of drugs. Key innovations in optogenetics therapy, non-invasive visual neurostimulation to enable people living with Alzheimer’s disease form memories, and AI-Enabled electronics. The third session featured organizations working on technologies at a pre-clinical stage.

The event’s format provided attendees with the opportunity to learn about the latest developments and to interact with passionate experts working in the field. The event concluded with a networking aperitif during which attendees were able to engage with peers and presenters to continue to exchange about their fields of research.

We thank all participants and attendees for their presence and their valuable contributions, which made this event a success. 


Dr. Erwin Böttinger – CEO, Wyss Center – Welcome and Overview of the Day

Session 1: Innovate

Session Chair: Mark Stolz – Head of R&D, Wyss Center

Keynote speaker: Pr. David Atienza Alonso, PhD – EPFL, Lausanne – Edge AI Wearables for Ambulatory Monitoring of Brain Disorders

Michalina Gora , PhD – Wyss Center, Geneva – Lighting up the Gut-Brain Axis

Pierre Vassiliadis, MD, PhD – Hummel Lab, EPFL, Lausanne – Non-Invasive Deep Brain Stimulation by Means of Transcranial Temporal Interference Stimulation

Pr. Rares Vincent Salomir, PhD – HUG, Geneva – Focused Ultrasound Technology and Clinical Applications for Neurosurgery and Neuro-oncology

Networking Break & Meet the Speakers

Session 2: Accelerate

Session Chair: Dr. Tracy Laabs – CDO, Wyss Center

Keynote speaker: James Gorman, PhD – Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Harvard University, USA – Transforming Brain Disease Treatment by Precise Brain Targeting of Drugs

Tom Hutson, PhD – Wyss Center, Geneva – Optogenetic Therapy for Spasticity

Fabian Queisner, MSc – Ababax Health, Berlin – Re-Enabling Alzheimer’s Patients to Form Memories with Non-Invasive, Visual Neurostimulation

Mohammad Ali Shaeri, PhD – Shoaran Lab, EPFL, Lausanne – Next-Generation AI-Enabled Electronics for Neuromodulation and BMI

Networking Break & Meet the Speakers

Session 3: Transform Lives

Session Chair: Dr. Craig Cook – Head of Business Development and Licensing, Wyss Center

Keynote speaker: Alik Widge, MD, PhD – University of Minnesota, USA – Engineering Brain Circuits to Treat Psychiatric Disorders

Jonas Zimmermann, PhD – Wyss Center, Geneva – Bringing Brain-Computer Interfaces to People’s Homes

Pr. Dimitri Van De Ville, PhD – EPFL, UNIGE – ASL NQT: A Novel Quantification Tool of Brain Perfusion for Early Diagnosis of Dementia

Mark A. Anderson, PhD – NeuroRestore, EPFL, Lausanne, Wyss Center, Geneva – Regenerating the Spinal Cord

Matt Curran, MBA – Nanoflex Robotics A.G., Wyss Zurich  Nanoflex Robotics: Remote Robotic Treatment of Stroke

Networking Aperitif & Meet the Speakers


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