Wyss Center partners with the Young Swiss Society for Neuroscience


The Wyss Center is working with the YSSN to support the next generation of neuroscientists and build a dynamic scientific network for the young neuroscience community in Switzerland. 

December 2021: Analyzing Epios brain monitoring data

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Meet Ellen van Maren from e-Lab Bern is working with the Wyss Center on the Epios brain monitoring. Preliminary results indicate that Epios electrodes can be used to detect and characterize epileptic seizures.

November 2021: Artificial intelligence for neural signal decoding

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Meet Janir Ramos da Cruz, PhD, a Data Scientist at the Wyss Center, working on AI algorithms to extract information from large neural datasets.

October 2021: World Stroke Day : Tailoring technologies to improve stroke recovery

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Introducing Claudia and Elena, two post-grad neuroscientists from the Hummel Lab at EPFL working in collaboration with the Wyss Center to improve stroke rehabilitation with a new personalized approach.

September 2021: Supporting careers in neuroscience: Entrepreneurship

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This month the YSSN and the Wyss Center present careers in neuroscience. Introducing the entrepreneurship partners working with the Wyss Center: Epios™, Neurosoft Bioelectronics, Artiria Medical, Capture, Coat-X and Bearmind.

August 2021: Visualizing brain networks involved in epilepsy

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This month we feature a Young Swiss Society for Neuroscience – Wyss Center collaboration. The YSSN’s Kristina Slabeva from e-Lab, Bern University Hospital, worked with the Wyss microscopy team to label and visualize neuronal networks involved in seizure propagation in epilepsy.

July 2021: A short introduction to some of the Wyss Center’s young neuroscientists and engineers

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The Wyss Center and the Young Swiss Society for Neuroscience are partnering to support young scientists. This month, meet some of the Center’s young neuroscientists and engineers.

June 2021: NeuroRoutes careers event

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The first initiative of the Wyss Center – Young Swiss Society for Neuroscience partnership is the NeuroRoutes event at which young research leaders share the story of their scientific path and personal growth in academia.

Prototyping laboratories

Advanced electrical and mechanical engineering design and fabrication

The ‘in conversation’ series features members of the Wyss Center community discussing their work, their collaborations and imagining the future.


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