Wyss Center appoints Mark Stolz as Head of Research and Development

Wyss Center

Geneva, Switzerland – The Wyss Center, a leading non-profit research center dedicated to innovating and accelerating technologies and therapies for neurological and mental health disorders, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Stolz to the leadership team as Head of Research and Development. With a broad leadership experience in managing international, multi-disciplinary R&D organizations, Mark is poised to lead the Wyss Center’s research and development goals toward valuable clinical and commercial opportunities that can significantly impact patient’s lives.

“Mark brings years of experience of R&D leadership in the medical devices and technology sectors, with extensive experience across all phases of product development, from early development through commercialization”, said Erwin Böttinger, MD, CEO of the Wyss Center. Mark will lead the charge in driving innovation and in accelerating translational projects, with a strong focus on AI-guided neurorestoration and neuromodulation. He will be leading a team of over 30 scientists and engineers to further develop and mature innovations, from early stage to proof-of-concept and readiness for clinical trials.

Mark said: “It’s an immense privilege to take on this role, working alongside the team of world-class experts at the Wyss Center to accelerate the translation of our neurotechnology portfolio into clinical therapies.”

Mark has had an extensive and successful career in the medical device industry. He is a seasoned R&D leader with a solid track record of advancing novel technologies, and delivering products and solutions for commercialization across a broad range of applications including in-vitro diagnostics, smart drug delivery, surgical microscopy and radiation therapy. Throughout his career he has focused on building high-performance collaborative teams to deliver outstanding innovation to improve patient outcomes.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Computer Science from the California State University, Chico (USA), and completed an accelerated leadership program in Strategic Innovation from the London Business School.

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