Wyss Center and Osypka announce collaboration


Pushing the boundaries of implantable neuro-device development

Today the Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering, Geneva, Switzerland and OSYPKA AG/OSYPKA Medtec, Rheinfelden, Germany and Longmont, Colorado, USA, announced a collaboration to develop and integrate innovative technologies into implantable neuro-devices.

One of the major challenges of developing implantable devices that can measure brain signals is protecting the delicate internal electronics from the inhospitable, warm, wet and salty environment of the human body. Hermetic sealing – or encapsulation – of the device housing is necessary to ensure devices are leak-proof and can survive in the body for years. When the wires carrying brain signals pass into the device, through ‘feedthroughs’, there is a risk that moisture could enter. More channels of data feeding through the device housing enable more brain signals to be collected but increase the challenge of achieving truly hermetic sealing.

The collaboration will push the boundaries of exceptionally high-channel count medical implant housings by integrating new technologies and innovations in feedthroughs, hermetic sealing and biocompatible materials.

Achim Kitschmann, OSYPKA AG CEO said: “We are pleased to forge this collaboration with the Wyss Center. By leveraging OSYPKA’s decade long expertise in developing and manufacturing life-sustaining, active implantable devices we can help accelerate the Wyss Center’s mission to bring its neurotechnologies to the patient.”

Dr Mary Tolikas, Director of the Wyss Center said: “Our collaboration with OSYPKA will help us tackle some of the enormous engineering challenges involved in delivering miniaturized and viable implantable neuro-devices, eventually helping patients with nervous system disorders around the world.”

The Wyss Center is addressing some of the most serious medical conditions by accelerating the development of promising technology from lab bench to clinic. The Center is keen to harness the expertise and experience of clinical and industrial collaborators to drive development of neurotechnology that could revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of neuro-disorders ranging from epilepsy and paralysis to tinnitus.

Dr Thorsten Göttsche, CTO / Advanced Technologies, CFO OSYPKA AG, will highlight the collaboration during his presentation ‘Pushing the boundaries of implantable device development’ at the Swiss MedTech Expo in Lucerne on 10th September 2019. Members of the Wyss Center team will also be present.

Feedthroughs allow wires that carry brain signals to pass into implantable neuro-devices while keeping moisture away from the sensitive internal electronics.

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