Yoseline Cabara, PhD

Microscopy Scientist
2204 Wcportrait 002
Yoseline is eager to push the limits of microscopy and computing to help scientists gain fundamental understanding of the brain structure and develop neurotechnologies and therapies targeting neurodegenerative conditions.

Yoseline Cabara joined the Wyss Center in April 2022, as a Microscopy Scientist. She operates and maintains custom and commercial microscopes, integrates novel analysis pipelines in image processing, and performs other optics-related developments to support and contribute to Wyss Center's projects including collaborations with external academic partners.

Yoseline studied Physics at the University of Geneva where she gained broad experience working in different light-matter interaction experiments and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Strasbourg, where she worked on Optical Trapping experiments for metrology and statistical physics. Prior to the Wyss, Yoseline was in Cambridge, conducting research on 3D optical data storage for Microsoft’s Project Silica. 

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