Valérie Dutoit, PhD

Collaborator, UNIGE
Valrie 01

Dr Valérie Dutoit is a tumor immunologist specialized in the development of immunotherapeutic approaches for GBM. She obtained her PhD in 2003 from the University of Lausanne. She participated in the development of a novel multipeptide vaccine for GBM, which was tested in patients and led the way to the development of a personalized vaccine trial for patients with GBM. She also aims at understanding how immunotherapy can be combined with standard of care and what is the impact of the GBM TME on antitumor immune responses. She is currently working on the development of CAR T cells for GBM patients, together with the team of Prof. Migliorini from the UNIGE. Dr Dutoit is head of the biobank platform of the Oncology Service of Geneva University Hospital, collecting samples from patients involved in clinical trials and research projects.

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