Tom Hutson, PhD

Research Scientist in Spatial Transcriptomics
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Tom is passionate about developing new transcriptomics technologies and accelerating novel research ideas to a translational goal.

Tom Hutson joined the Wyss Center in September 2022 as a research scientist in spatial transcriptomics. Tom received his PhD in Neuroscience from King’s College London and then undertook postdoctoral positions at Imperial College London and EPFL to further his understanding of how transcriptomic and epigenomic signatures can underpin the regenerative potential of different neuronal populations. Tom brings expertise in transcriptomics, gene therapy and pre-clinical models of CNS disorders.

Tom is excited to develop new spatial transcriptomic techniques to retrieve gene-expression information at a cellular resolution while combining this with imaging the complex 3D anatomical architecture of neuronal circuitry. Employing these techniques on tissue from pre-clinical models and post-mortem human tissue will help us understand the molecular and anatomical changes that underlie neuropathological conditions, which will allow us to develop new treatments to attenuate disease progression and improve functional outcomes.

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