Pierre Mégevand, MD, PhD

Collaborator, HUG, UNIGE
Pierre Megevand

Pierre Mégevand obtained his MD and PhD in neuroscience from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and trained as a neurologist at Geneva University Hospitals. He was also a fellow at North Shore University Hospital, New York, USA, where he focused exclusively on human intracranial neurophysiology. He is currently an Ambizione fellow of the Swiss National Science Foundation, elucidating the neuronal mechanisms underpinnings the perception of audiovisual speech.

Pierre’s long-term objective is to move forward the understanding of the way the human brain underlies our sensations, thoughts and actions, and how these mechanisms go awry in neurological disorders such as epilepsy. He intends to study the neuronal basis for human perception and cognition through an array of brain mapping techniques that center on intracranial neurophysiology, the invasive recording of the brain’s electrical activity through surgically inserted electrodes in direct contact with the brain tissue.

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