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Maxime Baud, MD, PhD

Staff Neurologist
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Maxime’s long-term objective is to understand fundamental mechanisms of seizure occurrence in epilepsy and use this knowledge for practical purposes such as seizure prediction and novel therapies.

Maxime Baud joined the Wyss Center as Staff Neurologist in 2017. A major part of his role is to help bring the research environment of the Wyss Center and the clinical environment of Swiss hospitals together.

He is currently working on enabling research using chronic portable EEG recording to better monitor epilepsy. Allied to his work in seizure prediction and novel therapies, he intends to study the underlying systemic mechanisms of modulation of seizure risk over time.

Maxime obtained his PhD in neuroscience in 2011 from EPFL, Switzerland. For his PhD thesis, he developed a mouse model of sleep fragmentation, a core feature of sleep disorders. He then moved to California for complete residency training in neurology at the University of California San Francisco. After that, he joined Edward Chang’s lab at UCSF where he focused exclusively on human intracranial neurophysiology.

Read more about Maxime and the e-Lab’s research work on epilepsy at Bern University Hospital (external link).

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