Maxim Andersen, MSc

Software Engineer in Neuroengineering Applications
2212 Wc Portrait 007
Maxim has more than 15 years of professional experience in developing embedded and conventional software for scientific and industrial domains.

Maxim Andersen joined the Wyss Center as Software Engineer in Neuroengineering in January 2021, then continued as Software Engineer in Neuroengineering Applications.

Maxim’s career path started in Denmark where he primarily developed embedded devices ranging from novel biotech lab instruments to alternative power solutions based on fuel-cells. Moving to the Geneva region in 2009 he started as a software engineer in charge of several data acquisition systems within particle accelerators at CERN. Subsequently he worked in domains of network and industrial imaging engineering where he extended his skills related to programming languages, software architecture, testing and continuous integration.

Maxim has a Master’s degree in Computer Systems Engineering from University of Southern Denmark.

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