Kaspar Schindler, MD, PhD

Collaborator, University Hospital Bern
Kaspar Schindler 01

Kaspar Schindler is the director of the Sleep-Wake-Epilepsy-Center and the NeuroTec sitem (Swiss Institute for Translational and Entrepreneurial Medicine) of the University Clinic for Neurology at the University Hospital in Bern, Switzerland.

He has been working in neurology/epileptology for more than 20 years. Beside his clinical experience he received a PhD in Neuroinformatics in 1999 from ETH/University of Zürich and so early in his career received training in mathematics, physics and information sciences which helped him to implement quantitative biosignal analysis methods into practical clinical work.

The main goal of his research is to better understand the dynamics of human epileptic seizures, i.e. under which conditions/constraints and how seizures begin, how they propagate and how they terminate in order to improve personalized diagnostics and enable precision neurological care. The ultimate goal is to better understand, which patterns of electrical brain activity have to be stabilized and/or suppressed - by pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions - to either prevent or abort epileptic seizures.

More recently Kaspar’s research work has become focused on novel technologies that enable the transfer from a hospital-centric to a patient-centric neurology. In collaboration with non-profit research organizations and industrial partners he and his team are developing and testing methods to record and process biosignals efficiently under real-world conditions.  

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