Jocelyne Bloch, MD

Collaborator, EPFL, CHUV
Jocelyn Bloch 01

Professor Jocelyne Bloch specialized in stereotactic and functional neurosurgery, and acquired an extensive experience in deep brain stimulation (DBS) and neuromodulation for movement disorders, pain and epilepsy. She is in charge of the functional neurosurgical unit at the CHUV.

Very active in experimental medicine and translational neuroscience, she nourishes a profound interest in the development of new indications for DBS, and in advancing technologies and therapeutic paradigms in neuromodulation, neuroregeneration, and cell therapy. She seeks to gather all these novel therapeutic strategies under a common umbrella that will foster optimization of treatment options for patients suffering from neurological impairments.

She has been director of the Defitech Center for Interventional Neurotherapies (NeuroRestore) since 2019. NeuroRestore is a research, innovation and treatment center that develops and applies bioengineering strategies involving neurosurgical interventions to restore neurological functions.

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