Dimitrios Daskalou, MD, MSc

Collaborator, HUG
Dimitrios 01

Dr Dimitrios Daskalou joined the Neurotin team in June 2020, where he participates as a co-investigator in Neurotin clinical study. His role is to screen and to identify eligible patients for study inclusion. He also performs the baseline and post-assessment visits, collecting data and providing individuals with adequate information regarding study participation. He assures the integrity of data collection and adherence to the study protocol.

Dimitrios received his medical degree from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki School of Medicine, Greece, in 2018 (top 3%), where he also attended a master’s program in Medical Research Methodology. He is currently an ENT medical resident in Geneva university hospitals with a primary focus on otology and especially on medical and surgical management of hearing loss.

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