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Wyss Center December Newsletter 2023

Our December edition presents a wonderful opportunity to highlight the Wyss Center's key achievements of this last quarter of the year : the Wyss Center received ISO certification for their Quality Management System and our teams have contributed to advancing ophthalmology research with our Lightsheet microscope.

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October 2023

As we step into the vibrant autumn month of October, we're thrilled to kick off the Wyss Center Brain Health Symposium at Campus Biotech in Geneva on October 9. We also extend a warm welcome to our new Head of Research and Development, Mark Stolz.

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August 2023

We welcome our new Head of Business Development and Licensing, invite you to our Wyss Center Brain Health Symposium and share a new exciting job opportunity as Head of R&D at the Wyss Center.

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June 2023

We announce a new partnership, our grant in the spotlight from the Wyss foundation, we share good news from the start ups Neurosoft Bioelectronics and Artiria Medical, and much more.

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May 2023

We welcome our new CEO Erwin Böttinger, admire fluorescent labeling of the spinal cord and consider how the approach could be used in spinal cord repair.

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March 2023

Decoding imagined speech from the brain, 3D sub-cellular worlds and a computational solution for real-world biological data.

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February 2023

Gene therapy to boost spinal cord injury rehab, blood vessels in the human brain and nanobodies as future medicine.

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December 2022

Festive neurons, solving brain disorders with the new STAR project & surgical vision with micro-precision.

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November 2022

Expanding our understanding of the brain, sharing the latest neural signals from ABILITY and an invitation to a BCI symposium.

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October 2022

First neural signals recorded by ABILITY and discover a second brain - in the gut!

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August 2022

This month, in our quest to solve brain disorders, we explore the gut-brain connection and celebrate a new consortium developing the ABILITY implantable brain-computer interface to enable communication for people with paralysis.

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June 2022

Wyss Center joins BioAlps, Epios selected for elite start-up program and the joint dream of the ABILITY team.

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May 2022

Improving brain tumor treatment, celebrating one of the most generous private donors to Swiss science and seeing the invisible!

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April 2022

This month, discover how our new MICA project could revolutionize access and delivery of therapeutics to the brain, watch our human brain mapping video, meet new staff - and more!

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March 2022

Brain implant for communication in CLIS and first glimpse at gut-brain connection project

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February 2022

ABILITY enters preclinical trial and new collaboration for Alzheimer’s disease therapies

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December 2021

Season's Greetings from the Wyss Center

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November 2021

Clinical trial for Epios electrodes and Dr Kohman joins the Wyss Center as Chief Scientific Officer

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October 2021

Epios Silver Winner of MassChallenge Switzerland, new collaboration to improve brain tumor treatment and progress in stroke rehab this World Stroke Day

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September 2021

CE mark for Epios Cloud and supporting careers in neuroscience: Entreprenership.

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August 2021

Smart sports helmets and a dream app receive entrepreneurial support and visualizing brain networks in epilepsy.

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July 2021

Advancing stroke therapy with Artiria Medical, unlock the power of neural data and meet our young neuroscientists and engineers.

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June 2021

Discover how computer vision can analyze brain data and see Epios brain monitoring technology featured at Europe’s biggest startup and tech event.

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