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We are searching for innovative people to make a difference.

The Wyss Center is an independent, non-profit, research organization that innovates and accelerates therapies to transform the lives of people with brain disorders.  

Based at Campus Biotech in Geneva, Switzerland, the Wyss Center partners with faculty, clinicians and industry, in Switzerland and internationally, to maximize clinical impact. 

We work at the forefront of innovation and need people from a wide variety of backgrounds who believe in urgently developing clinical solutions to transform lives. 

Open positions

Digital Electronics Engineer for Neuro-Technology

The Wyss Center is looking for a Digital Electronics Engineer for Neuro-Technology to join the Wyss Center’s Electronics Engineering team, which is focused on designing and developing innovative medical devices and technologies for a range of human applications targeting brain disorders. The successful candidate will design electronic circuits, write firmware, test, and document medical devices in compliance with global regulatory standards including IEC 60601 series, FCC, ETSI, etc. The role involves collaborating with neuroscientists, neurobiologists, clinicians, engineers, quality and regulatory experts, and suppliers to determine design criteria and develop new solutions in a timely and efficient manner.

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To apply, please send your CV and covering letter describing your qualifications, background, and interest in this position to HR@wysscenter.ch no later than 17th December 2023.

Clémence Hurni, PhD, Staff Scientist in 3D Transcriptomics

"As a biotechnologist, I love working in an interdisciplinary team. Here at the Wyss Center, there is the additional motivation of everyone working together towards a common goal of developing new therapies or diagnostics to improve lives."

Jules Scholler, PhD, Software Engineer in Bioimaging

"It is great to work in a pluridisciplinary environment where I can bridge the gap between imaging technologies, computer science and biology, with the ultimate goal of clinical translation."

Laura de Vevey, MSc, Science Communication Specialist

“I believe in making science accessible for everyone, building a bridge between neuroscience research and the public to encourage participation and avoid misinformation.”

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Our values

We are passionate about innovation and collaboration to find solutions to some of the biggest challenges in neuroscience.

We believe that the strongest teams are built on diversity. Bringing together people from different disciplines and from different genders and cultural backgrounds encourages novel thinking which drives progress and ultimately delivers results.

This is why we are building a workplace in which everyone feels welcomed, respected, supported, and valued.

Group High Res Gallatin

Life at the Wyss Center

Gallatin Awards

Members of the team with the Wyss Center's founder, Hansjörg Wyss.

A race against time!

The Wyss Center teamed up with Save Sight Now Europe in their race against time to cure childhood blindness at Geneva’s historic Escalade events.

Alpine lunch

Team hike, lunch and games in the Haute Savoie region of France.

Geneva marathon

16 Wyss Center runners took part in the 2022 Geneva marathon relay. Look back on the special moments of an exciting day with ups, downs, emotions and fantastic team spirit.

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Where I work: Seeing the invisible

Advanced Microscopy Imaging Specialist, Ivana Gantar, explores the hidden microscopic world within mammalian brains using the latest lightsheet microscope technology.

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Where I work: The shared dream of the ABILITY team

Neuroengineering Project Manager, Shenandoah Montamat, leads the development of ABILITY - a brain-computer interface system to restore communication and movement for people with severe paralysis.

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