Tracy Laabs, Head of Special Programs & Development and Coordinator of the Lighthouse Partnership at the Wyss Center

“We are excited to launch the Lighthouse Partnership with our outstanding university partners to drive the development of disruptive neurotechnologies. By combining artificial intelligence and novel neuromodulation techniques, we aim to target deep brain structures non-invasively, advance a brain-spine interface for paralysis, and innovate peripheral nerve therapies”


Erwin Böttinger, Director of the Wyss Center

"The Lighthouse Partnership exemplifies the Wyss Center's mission to innovate and accelerate promising technologies to improve the lives of people suffering from neurologic and mental health disorders."

Prof. Holmaat, Unige

"Recent advances in microscopy have propelled the neurosciences into the era of connectomics, now allowing us to study single neurons with their synaptic connections in the whole brain."

Prof. Daniel Huber, Unige

"The work at ALICe allowed us to reveal the distribution and anatomy of sensory receptors with unprecedented resolution and specificity. I was stunned by the quality of the images."

Prof Fyhn - UiO

"Never before have we been able to visualise and quantify, in-depth, neuronal populations within the entire brain as we can now."