Mark A. Anderson, PhD

Research Scientist - Head of Spinal Cord Repair
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Mark’s main interest lies in uncovering cellular and molecular mechanisms governing regenerative failure after central nervous system injury and to leverage this knowledge to develop cell-type specific repair strategies to reverse paralysis after spinal cord injury. His goal is to translate these findings to humans.

Mark joined the Wyss Center in October 2022 as Head of Spinal Cord Repair. Concurrently, he serves as Director of Central Nervous System Regeneration at NeuroRestore. He holds BSc and MSc degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Southern California. He received his PhD in Neuroscience from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL) in 2017 and completed postdoctoral research at EPFL and UCLA. His work during this time uncovered innovative cellular and molecular mechanisms governing central nervous system regeneration following spinal cord injury.

Prior to joining the Wyss, he was a Swiss National Science Foundation Ambizione group leader at EPFL, where his team leveraged single cell transcriptomics to guide the design of a biological repair strategy which regenerates a molecularly defined subpopulation of neuron and reverses paralysis following spinal cord injury. His mission at the Wyss is to scale up these findings in larger animal models with the goal of repairing the injured human spinal cord. 

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