Jorge Barros, MSc

Software Engineer in Neuroengineering
Jorge Barros
Jorge is responsible for the development of software applications related to neural control devices.

Jorge Barros joined the Wyss Center as software engineer in neuroengineering in March 2020. He has wide experience in the development of energy safety devices for the railway industry and for medical devices including the application of software development quality standards (IEC 61508 and related).

Jorge previously worked as a software developer for high speed data acquisition systems (oscilloscopes), by LeCroy SA for the test and measurement sector. Here he experienced the transition from the old artisanal ways of writing software, to the introduction of modern software design techniques like Object Oriented Design and automated testing. His early career experience was in the development of electronic systems for the railway industry.

He studied Software Engineering at EPFL where he specialized in computer hardware and software engineering. 

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