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Jeremy Laedermann

Lab Engineer
Jeremy Laedermann
Jeremy’s background in microengineering, and his experience designing, building and assembling prototype devices containing biocompatible materials, makes him well placed to develop innovative mechanical design solutions for active implantable medical devices.

Jeremy Laedermann joined the Wyss Center in December 2019 as Lab Engineer where he develops key components for future generations of neurotechnology devices. Jeremy is currently working on the design and development of an advanced implantable neurosensing device that collects neural signals and transmits multichannel recordings for a range of human applications.

Jeremy was previously a Microtechnical Engineer at HEPIA where he worked on the fabrication of biochip prototypes for a broad range of in vitro experiments including bioimpedance and electrical activity measurement on human neurons. He has also worked on prototypes of embedded microscope and perfusion systems in order to help biologists and data scientists with measurements. Jeremy holds a bachelor’s degree in microtechnology engineering from HEPIA in Geneva (2017).

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