Christophe Lamy, MD, PhD

Collaborator, UNIGE
C Lamy photo

Dr Christophe Lamy is a lecturer in anatomy and a neurobiologist at the Geneva University Faculty of Medicine. His laboratory is located at the Geneva Medical Center and is affiliated to the Division of Anatomy.

His research interests are in understanding the basic neurobiological mechanisms of emotions, cognition and behavior. He is more specifically investigating the influence of body physiological states on brain circuits and the role of brain-body interactions in brain disorders. He has described new neuronal circuits in the cerebral cortex linking interoception, the sensing of internal body states, and emotional behavior, with relevance to the pathology of anxiety and eating disorders. His current efforts aim at mapping the human brain with cellular and molecular detail to improve our understanding of neuropsychiatric disorders and help translate preclinical studies into new treatments of human diseases.  

Christophe Lamy studied medicine at Grenoble University in France, where is also did a clinical specialization in medical biology and a PhD in neuroscience. He subsequently trained in stress neurobiology at UCLA and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and in electrophysiology at the University of London School of Pharmacy. He then joined University of Lausanne to investigate the cross talk between body metabolism and the brain and develop new optical tools to support those investigations. In 2012, he established his own research group at University of Fribourg and joined the University of Geneva in 2019.


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